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Ways to troubleshoot a rear windshield wiper

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2015 August 31st Monday

Rear windshield wipers function exactly exactly the same as front wipers. There is a parking circuit created in to the motor that seats the wipers when turned off. A wiper switch and relevant wiring control the on-off operation and wiper pace. Last but not least, a leverage arm is linked in the motor to a transmission assembly, that in turn connects to a wiper arm. The arm then holds a rubber squeegee --- a wiper blade --- that sweeps throughout the windshield. Each item need to be in wonderful buy for the process to do the job properly.

1.Take away the back cover to gain entry to your wiper assembly. Observe the manufacturer's directions inside the services guide. Unplug the wiper motor connector. Probe the voltage provide plug that has a voltmeter and ensure voltage and ground are current. Move the wiper perform switch by means of all positions to determine right voltage on the plug. If there's no voltage, verify the voltage provide to the dash switch and test the rear wiper fuse.

2.Remove the wiper switch in the instrument panel. Test for voltage on the switch. Move the switch by way of its functions and ensure there is certainly voltage current at every single plug area. Comply with the manufacturer's suggestions for switch elimination and test method for every specified wire place and function.

3.Check the rear wiper relay. Just before reaching the wiper motor, the wiper switch sends electrical power to a relay. This relay serves two purposes. It lets a minor existing signal from your switch to control a sizable latest that powers the wiper. Designers can then use a modest dash switch and wiring, preserving the instrument panel significantly less cluttered. The relay also isolates the wiper circuit, which aids always keep out wiper radio noise. Failed relays tend to be apparent, with burned and discolored contacts. Test the relay using a voltmeter. Flip the wipers on. The relay really should "click" when energized. Comply with the manufacturer's recommendations for exact relay destinations and test procedures.

4.Examine the remaining parts: wiper arm, wiper blade and wiper transmission assembly. They should be in decent shape --- not bent nor binding in any manner. Examine the transmission arm bushings for excessive wear. Exchange any defective elements.

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