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Easy methods to modify the rear wiper blade on a dodge grand caravan

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2015 September 23rd Wednesday

The Dodge Grand Caravan capabilities a rear wiper arm using a modest J-hook attachment. The windshield wipers is often replaced by using a quick-connect release and reattach method. Most superior aftermarket wiper blades function this quick-connect, direct-fit choice. Changing the rear wiper around the Grand Caravan has a single distinct distinction than replacing the front.


1.Get the correct dimension rear wiper for the respective year in the Dodge Grand Caravan. The rear blades are appreciably smaller compared to the front blades. Any place that sells wiper blades may have a wiper blade selector guide for all autos. Use an online selector guidebook if sought after prior to planning to acquire the blade.


2.Lift up to the rear wiper arm (far from its cradle) of the Grand Caravan as far as it is going to let. Unlike the front wiper arms, the rear Grand Caravan arms is not going to stand at a resting position away from the rear windshield. Hold the arm with 1 hand far from the windshield, staying conscious there's a slight spring stress for the arm. Steer clear of letting the arm swing about the stress spring back into place and incurring harm to your rear windshield.


3.Push within the release clip positioned to the wiper blade hardware where the blade connects to your compact J-hook of your wiper arm.


4.Pivot the blade slightly far from the arm with one hand though holding the release clip and nonetheless supporting the arm using the other hand. Dependent on how long it's been because the blade was replaced, some force may be required, but be careful to not bend or reposition the wiper arm from its authentic position.


5.Enable the wiper arm to gently rest (in its cradle) towards the rear windshield immediately after the blade has been removed.


6.Take out the replacement wiper blade from its packaging and make use of the modest alcohol wipe (supplied within the packaging) to clean the rubber blade part from the wiper blade.


7.Lift the wiper arm from its cradle once more and support it with 1 hand once again. Pivot the best center in the substitute blade (most all wiper blades are immediately create for small J-hook applications, so clipping on any hardware supplied inside the packaging is just not essential) beneath the J-hook.


8.Lift the blade upward towards the length in the wiper arm until eventually a smaller audible click is heard. Pull back down for the blade (with no pressing the release tab) to make sure it is locked into position. Rest the wiper arm and blade assembly back into its cradle.


9.Test the blade for overall performance. Activate the rear windshield washer when testing if it truly is not raining or snowing.

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